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Our kennels are extremely spacious, large enough for families of dogs and giant breeds.


All kennels are heated (at no extra cost) and have 20 covered runs attached which dogs have access to during daylight hours.


We are small enough to give all our guests plenty of individual attention and playtime.

T H E   K E N N E L S   A T   B I R C H W O O D

 E X E R C I S E

In addition to the attached runs, to which the dogs have free access, we have a large field for exercise.

 F O O D

We prefer owners to bring their dog’s food to

prevent any upset tummies from a change in diet.

Could you please let us know what your dog’s feeding routine is so we can follow it.

 M E D I C A T I O N

Our staff are happy to administer ANY medication prescribed by your vet. All medication should be clearly labelled and sufficient should be provided to cover the boarding period

 B E D D I N G

In our experience dogs settle best when they have their own bedding and toys from home, however we will supply bedding if you prefer.